The Last Supper

♫ "You do not wriggle out of 'ethereal suckbeast' that easily." - tumblr user nanubean

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The name is Jungkook, scale is nationwide

i keep switching from tab to tab and being so MAD when I see a picture of jungkook or minimize my windows and see him on my desktop and it’s like


you did this to yourself

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Yes I’m a bad boy so I like bad girl


Found: Simone’s tags @ Jungkook in 2000s song form

I think that makes him the JLo of this scenario


which one??? i really like “youth hurts” off their new mini (and…nothing else on the mini)

it was B.O.D.Y.?? 

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pound the alarm, i just caught myself enjoying a vixx song

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Hoseok grabbed the younger’s arm before he step out of the house. 

"Jimin don’t do this. Please. It’s a deathmatch for goodness sake!" Hoseok pleaded.

"I can do this hyung. I’ve been to so many hardcore wrestlings before this. I’ll come back home tonight.”




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